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Synthetic Sports: A Bacterial Relay Race

J.P. Badalamenti1, L.E. Weiss1, C.J. Buckno, T.L. Richard2, P.S. Weiss3, and P.C. Cirino4

  • 1 Schreyer Honors College, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802
  • 2 Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, 225 Agricultural Engineering Building, University

Park, PA 16802

  • 3 Departments of Chemistry and Physics, 104 Davey Laboratory, University Park, PA 16802
  • 4 Department of Chemical Engineering, 226 Fenske Laboratory, University Park, PA 16802
  • Author to whom correspondence should be addressed: cirino@engr.psu.edu

Team Members: J. P. Badalamenti, L. E. Weiss, L. Weaver, A. Tascone, C. Buckno, D. Tanjore, J.Grim, R. Sandoval, B. Anderson, N. Shewski, J. Dunning, S. Neuman Faculty Mentors: S.P. Walker, Drs. R. Balasubramanian, W. Hancock, P. Cirino, M. Tien, D. Farber, P. S. Weiss, B. Nixon, J. Regan, V. Narayanan, and T. Richard

Synthetic biology: Designs on life