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August 7, 2007

Ran a Touchdown PCR with Pfu and crp* with different amounts of template DNA added:

  • 0 (-)
  • 0.25uL
  • 1uL
  • 2uL

Also ran Taq with 1uL template DNA and a negative. Diluted primers 1:10 before adding. Used protocol from July 25, 2007 PCR run.

Don't understand the gel at all. Negatives came up positive and Pfu positives didn't work. Must have made a mistake so i'm re-running a touchdown PCR with template DNA amounts of:

  • 0.001uL
  • 0.01uL
  • 0.1uL
  • 1uL
  • 10uL

Also ran a negative and Taq with 1uL template and a Taq negative. Let run overnight