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July 11th, 2007: 9:30-5:30

Quick Change to strengthen Xyl promoters

XylA to XylF dual promoter/operator

BBa_I741015 <html><pre>GGTGATGGAT GA<font color="maroon">T</font>GTCGT<font color="green">A</font><font color="orange">T</font><font color = "green"> TAT</font><font color = "orange">A</font>GGGCAC TCCCTTTCAG TT<font color = "orange">TG</font><font color="green">TCA</font><font color="teal">A</font><font color ="blue">TT ATGTTATTTC ACA</font>CTGCT<font color = "blue">AT TGAGATAATT CAC</font><font color="indigo">A</font><font color = "purple">AGTGTG CGCTCGCTCG CA</font>AAATAAAA TGGAATGATG AAACTGGGTA ATTCCTCGAA GAGAAAAATG CAATAAGTAC AATTGCGCAA CAAAAGTAAG ATCTCGGTCA TAAATCAA<font color = "blue">GA AATAAACCAA AAAT</font>CGTA<font color="blue">AT CGAAAGATAA AAAT</font>CTGTAA <font color="green">TTG</font><font color = "orange">ACA</font>TCCC CTGTTTAGTT GC<font color="green">TA</font><font color = "orange">T</font><font color="green">AA</font><font color = "orange">T</font>TT GGTT<font color = "maroon">A</font>CGTTT ATCGCGGTGA TTGTTACTTA T</pre></html> Color key: Transcription +1 is in maroon, promoter regions are in green, XylR binding sites are in blue, CRP binding sites are in purple, shared promoter and XylR binding sites are in teal, shared XylR binding sites and CRP binding sites are in indigo, bases modified from wild type using quick change are in orange

Quick Change Primers