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Plate Reading

Plate Reading

Time: variable


This is a kinetic assay for induction by HSL over a 107-magnitude concentration. Each construct is measured in triplicate.


Plates that are needed: 3+X shaker/growing, X fluorescence, where 2X is number of time points desired.

  • M9+0.1%YE+antibiotic plates
  • 210 mL M9+0.1%YE+antibiotic
  • 96 well growing plates
  • 96 well fluorescence plates
  • 96 well clear bottom absorbance plates


  1. Condition parts on M9+0.1%YE+antibiotic minimal media plates
  2. Inoculate 3 single colonies from these plates into M9+0.1%YE+antibiotic media overnight
  3. Autoclave 96 well shaker/growing plates
  4. Dilute cells down to OD600=0.1

Plate Reading

  1. Do not put cells on ice!

For GFP, assay at 30ºC