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Growing Parts

Time: 1/2hr preperation and overnight growth


  • Cells
  • LB1
  • Antibiotics


  • Label all falcon tubes with part name, date, and antibiotic(s) needed
  • Add 3 mL LB to each falcon tube (Do this in the hood by flame).
  • Add 3 μL of antibiotics (Amp stored at 100μg/mL, Kan 50μg/mL, Chl 34μg/mL).


1. Take 1 colony off of innoculating plate with 1-10μL pipeter tip (see picture below)

Colony selection off a plate

2. Eject the tip into falcon tube prepared above.

Inoculation of selected colony into a falcon tube
Inoculated falcon tube

3. Put in warm room on shaker

4. Make sure shaker is on

1LB Media (Per L)

   * 10 g bactotryptone
   * 5 g yeast extract
   * 5 g NaCl
   * pH to 7.0