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Date: 07-Jan-02

Introduction to iGEM by Yang Yifan

  1. What is synthetic biology. Several synthetic biology research publications.
  2. The iGEM: Name, Question & Concepts, History, People (Founders: Knight, Endy; Ambassadors: Cumbers, Tang, Cai), How it works, 3 previous projects, the Timeline.
  3. What to do. Prepare for the registration of our team. Team Composition; Funding Source – grant application; Leading and Supporting Faculty; Journal Club

Information collection

  1. New members and self-introduction.
  2. Information about faculty and funding support.
Support from Provide us with Contact
Prof. Wang Yiping Lab space, technical, Leading Yang Yifan, Xu Anting
UCLA, Prof. ? Advises Liu Hui
CTB Lab space ,technical, funding?, Leading? Lou Chunbo
MIT Advises and information about iGEM Chen Daizhuo
Transgene ? Free reagent Ma Tao
Prof. Chen Jianguo Lab support on cell biology Liu Hui

Discussion results on our team composition

  1. Team name: iGEM Beijing. Can be changed according to our sponsors.
  2. An advertisement for recruiting members (Yang Yifan) .
  3. Advertise for participating iGEM2007 in Tsinghua BME, Biology, Auto (Yu Zhou & Zhao Xinyu ), Beihang Auto (Zhang Yi), China Agriculture U (Zhang Yi).

Discussion results on journal club

  1. Contents for the journal club: previous iGEM projects, especially the winners; classical synthetic biology papers.
  2. Journal club format: in general, one time per week. 2 papers or 4 projects each time.
  3. Next meeting – Start of the journal club: 2007.1.14,14:30,CTB meeting room. Two projects introduced by Lou Chunbo & Yang Yifan
  4. We will continue in the winter vacation.
  5. Set a wiki up on CTB server or yuanpei.cn (Xu Anting, Yang Yifan).

Discussion results on faculty and funding contacts

  1. Prepare formal a grant application in two weeks , based on NSFC grant format. (Li Tuo, Luo Yu)
  2. Contact dean and schools for funding and faculty support
Tsinghua Biology Zhao Xinyu
PKU dean Any volunteers?
PKU Life Science Ma Tao
PKU CTB Lou Chunbo
PKU Physics Chen Daizhuo
PKU Chemistry Fan Jing, Tan Qin, Zhen Qingsi
PKU Medicine Lou Chunbo, Fan Jing, Wu Bo
PKU Mathematics Wu Bo

(Contact potential funding source. NSFC -> Zhu Zuoyan -> Ma Tao, Yang Yifan)