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Colony PCR

T1TE-plx010 using the primer T1TE-F/R

result: not very good, the T1TE fragment seems to be smaller than expected.

GFP-plx003 using GFP-F/R

result: GFP colony PCR has no positive control result. So other results are not reliable.

T1T2-pcc010 and GFP-plx007 rescue

after rescue and inactivation, ligate those two together using a ratio of 4:1.

After ligation, transformed to DH5a and smeared onto LB plate with right antibiotics

Colony PCR of T1TE-plx010

primer: test-F/lazZa-R positive and negative control: plx010 GFP-plx003 using test-F/R and control for plx003 plasmid

Miniprep of T1-T6 and T1TE-pcc010

double digestion using KpnI and XhoI failed in the digestion.