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Colony PCR of CD2, SulA, RS2, RD3 ligated with plx012

buffer 1.5uL

dNTP 1.5uL

dH2O 11uL

test-F/GFP-test-R 0.5uL each

easy taq 0.1uL

elongation time span of 1 minute

T1T2-pcc010 rescue by precipitation

T1TE-pMD18T rescue by gel eletrophoresis


CD2, sulA, RS2, RD3-plx012

positive transformation: CD1-plx012 and plx012 itself

plx012 and CD1-plx012 culivated in advance

miniprep of plx012 and CD1-plx012

double digestion test to prove its accuracy.