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mini-prep by kit

lacIq-pcc009, RS1, SD1, RD2

digestion test

RS1, SD1, RD2 (template 3uL, SalI 0.5uL, buffer H 2uL, ddH2O 14.5uL) T1Te-pMD18T (template 5uL, EcoRI/NdeI 0.25uL, buffer H 2uL, ddH2O 12.5uL) lacIq-pcc009 (template 5uL, SalI/XhoI 0.25uL, buffer H 2uL, ddH2O 12.5uL)

precipitation of lacIq and pcc009 after digestion

failed! no visible bands!

digestion test

lacIq-pcc009 (BSA/Trition X-100/buffer T 2uL, template 5uL, KpnI/SacII 0.25uL, ddH2O 8.5uL)

PKU Switch 07-8-27 RS1 etc.jpg

double digestion of T1Te-pMD18T and T1T2-pcc010

plasmid/fragment 30/3uL buffer H 10uL ClaI/SalI 2uL ddH2O 56/83uL overnight in 37 degree

PKU Switch 07-8-27 again.jpg PKU Switch 07-8-27 again 2.jpg

transformation of CD2, SulA, RS2, RD3-plx012

positive transformation of CD1-plx012 and plx012

colony PCR of lacI

PKU Switch 07-8-27 PCR 1.jpg

PKU Switch 07-8-27 PCR 2.jpg

PKU Switch 07-8-27 PCR 3.jpg