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experimenter:JLL, LC

colony PCR to check any successful ligation between lacIq and pcc009

PKU Switch 07-8-26 lacI-pcc009 1.jpg

one lane seems to be right, be sequenced tomorrow

double promoters colony PCR

PKU Switch 07-8-26 double promoters.jpg

there are some loading problems after 10th lane

colony PCR of lacI-pcc009

 easy taq 0.1uL
 pkan-F 0.5uL
 pcc-test-R 0.5uL
 buffer 2uL
 dNTP 2uL
 ddH2O 15uL

PKU Switch 07-8-26 lacI-pcc009.jpg

1-9: lacI-pcc009, all wrong 10: self-ligation control 11-13: positive transformation lacI-pcc009

ligation of plx012 with CD2, sulA, RS2 and RD3

  fragment 4uL, ligation kit 5uL, plasmid 1uL
  overnight under 4 degree