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lacZa-plx009 gel rescue, lacZa, lacZa-pcc009 precipitation rescue, plx009 and lacZa precipitation rescue

CD2-T sequencing result

wrong! We have to re-PCR CD2

RD2-T sequencing result

It showed that 1 and 5 colony is right, miniprep using Kit

Miniprep of T1-T10

SacII and BSA, T buffer to digest the plasmid to see if it is right

Miniprep of plx007 1-6 and plx008 1-6

XhoI cannot cut it. We have to reconsider our testing plan

Plasmid isolation using Kit

RD2-pGEMT is isolated and digested with PstI and H buffer It is all right and send to storage.

CD2-pGEMT, lacZa-plx009 colony PCR

The band seems in wrong place. RePCR tomorrow.

PCR T1TE and T1T2

rescue by cuting the gel after electrophoresis.