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CD2-T send to sequencing

after colony PCR and double digestion test result is right

Rescue of Pla-T1T2, Pla-T1TE by electrophoresis

test result after rescue: good with high concentration

positive transformation of plx007/008/009 and RD2-T

ligation of RD2-pGEM-T

transformation and smear onto plate

rescue by precipitation

T1T2 and T1TE, rescue after inactivation

checking by electrophoresis to see there is a slight band

ligation of T1T2 to T1TE

self-ligation as a control

Colony PCR of T1T2-P, T1TE-P and T1T2-pcc009

ddH2O 11uL

buffer 1.5uL

dNTP 1.5uL

primer F/R 0.5uL each

ExTaq 0.1uL

total 15uL

result: we got T1TE-P right!