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Experimenter: LC, CCY


Colony PCR test of lacZa-pLX007/8/9

  • Primers: test_F_new, test_R

30 colonies are tested for each of lacZa-pLX007/8/9, 2 self connections are used as control. 96 in total.

延伸45s, 退火60C, 25 cycles.

Only lacZa-pLX009(20) is right. lacZa-pLX008 is probably right, but the size seems wrong. Both are incubated at 2pm.

PCR of CD2/3 from CD1-pMD18-T

CD2 is retracted. CD3 failed.

PCR of lacZa


Ligation and transformation of CD2-pMD18-T

Single digestion of pLX007/8/9 with SalI or XhoI

SalI is OK. XhoI can not digest the plasmid.