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Miniprep of pLx007-lacZa(8)

double digestion test of lacZa-plx007/008/009

method I

H buffer 2uL

XhoI/SalI 0.5uL each

plasmid 12uL

dH2O 5uL

total 20uL


Method II

H buffer 2uL

ScaI/SalI 0.5uL each

plasmid 8uL

dH2O 9uL

total 20uL

for some reason in eletrophoresis, the result is not very good.

PCR Prec7-10 and Prec7-8

using our own plasmid as the template

ddH2O 36.75uL

buffer 5uL

dNTP 5uL

Ex-Taq 0.25uL

template 1uL

Rec-F/R 1uL each

Total 50uL

Prec 7-8 and Prec 7-10 endonuclease digestion test

H buffer 1uL plasmid 1uL EcoRI 0.15uL ddH2O 7.85uL

Prec7-10 and Prec7-8 PCR product test using eletrophoresis