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Experimenter: NM & LCB



Colony PCR of CD2up/down-pMD18T

  • Primers: MBF/R

Select for incubation & sequencing: 2,4,7,8.

Miniprep of SD, lacZa, pCC002, A-H, Y, cro

Double digestion test of BamHI, XhoI (plasmid: 10uL, digestion time: 2.5hrs)

Temperature gradient PCR of CD3

  • template: CD1-pMD18T 1uL
  • buffer: 5uL
  • dNTP: 5uL
  • F: Con_D_3_F 1uL
  • R: Rec_S_3_R 1uL
  • Extaq: 0.25uL
  • H2O: 37uL
  • temperature: 50.3, 53.2, 58.1, 63.5, 68.1

Single digestion test of pLX008(2uL), pLX009(4uL)

  • digestion test: 2.5hr