IGEM:Peking/2007/Count:PCR product purifcation

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PCR product purifcation

according to Transgen kit protocol

  1. Take 50-100uL PCR product solution,add 5 times volume solutoin BB,mix, add into spin column,standing for 1 min, 13000rpm for 1 min,discard the flow-through.
  2. Add 650 mL buffer WB ,13000 rpm for 1min,discard the supernatant
  3. 13000rpm for 2 min to wipe out the remaining WB
  4. Put the collection tube into a clean EP tube, Add 50 uL 60C ddH2O in the center of the collection tube,standing for 1 min
  5. 13000rpm for 1 min.
  6. store the DNA solution at -20C