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Key & Lock by Yu Tao and Zheng Qinsi

Purification of the Digested Fragment and Vector

  • Fragment: crRNA(J23078); Vector: R0040.
  • Use PCR Purification Kit.
  • The volume of purified fragment and vector: each 30uL, respectively.


  • To check the yield of the purified fragment and vector.
  • 2% agarose.(For the ~70bp crRNA)
  • Each sample: 2uL; with 1uL 10*loading buffer and 1uL 200* DNA dye added, respectively.
  • From left to right: crRNA_PstI+XbaI, R0040_PstI+SpeI, R0040 plasmid, Marker I.

CrRNA and R0040 test.jpg


  • Ligate the crRNA fragment and R0040 vector.
  • crRNA 2uL, R0040 4uL, totally 10uL system.
  • system without crRNA added as a negative control.
  • 4 centigrade degree, overday.
  • Then transform them.