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mini-prep e0040->pSB3k3

double digesting test of E0040->pSB3k3

  • digesting (GFP+pSB3K3) and E0040 with EcoR1/PstI.
  • Digestion system contains :
  1. (GFP+pSB3K3): 2uL 10*H, 0.5uL EcoRI, 0.5uL PstI, 5uL plasmid, 13uL ddH2O.
  2. E0040:2uL 10*H, 0.5uL EcoRI, 0.5uL PstI, 4uL plasmid, 13uL ddH2O.
  • 37℃ culutre for 2 hours.

electrophorsis result

  • from left to right:
  1. e0040->pSB3k3-1 @ EcoRI/Pst1
  2. e0040->pSB3k3-2 @ EcoRI/Pst1
  3. control:e0040 @ EcoRI/Pst1
  4. I7100 @ EcoRI/Pst1
  5. e0040->pSB3k3-1 plasmid
  6. e0040->pSB3k3-2 plasmid
  7. Marker: DL2000 plus

2007-7-22Ligation(EGFP+pSB3k3)-1 EcoR1 Pst1 and ligation(EGFP+pSB3k3)-2 EcoR1 Pst1.jpg

  • I think there may be mistakes while electrophorsising. Re-electrophorsis tommorrow.