IGEM:Paris Bettencourt 2012/Meetings/22 May 2012

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  • From now on put all the notes on OpenWetWare
  • Import iGEM e-mail to your main e-mail so you can easily be up-to-date with everything
  • What do we have at the moment regarding our project:
    • Subject: help people to put synthetic organisms out of the lab
    • One idea of the design of our system - we need more! – think about it in the metro, on the street, under the shower, before sleep, in your dreams etc.
  • Claire started looking at the iGEM projects which could be implemented in our system – everybody has to help her! (she sent e-mails about it)
  • We want to have clear goals
  • Requirements of our system:
    • Prevent horizontal gene transfer (HGT) both from our system and to our system
    • Prevent escape/growth of our bacteria in the environment
    • It should not be toxic
    • Zero cells/DNA/genes after X amount of time
    • Modularity (priority – a couple of iGEM projects)
    • Working for a X amount of time (timer)
    • Robustness to mutation, evolution
    • Robustness to variability of important molecules in bacteria
    • Robustness to temperature, chemicals etc.
  • Question of modularity and compatibility:
    • Do we want it to be modular with everything or with smaller amount of projects because there is only a couple of promoters and other important genetic parts that all use which significantly lowers our possibilities to make it modular with many projects?
    • Maybe we can use riboswitches because they are more modular!
  • Risk management – look up the e-mail Alex sent us.
  • Define biosafety and what we want to do.
  • Yifan created a Photo-Notebook folder in Dropbox where we can put the pictures (like whiteboard pictures) from our meetings and events
    • We should name our Dropbox files like this: Date, Event Name, Description
  • Babak will give presentation next week about how to use OpenWetWare.
  • Zoran will do a search of literature related to biosafety and delegate a paper or two to each team member with exact deadline for presenting the paper during team meeting!


  • Bibliography assignments: Zoran (literature) and Claire (iGEM projects)
  • Basic sponsorship: Antoine, Ernest, Julianne
  • Simple tasks for everyone: register to igem.org, OpenWetWare and Dropbox!
  • Veolia has a sponsoring fund and application time window is from 01/06 to 30/06
  • Oil Sands sponsorship http://2012.igem.org/Sponsors/Oil_Sands - Deadline in couple of days; Very urgent! – Dylan
  • Make Google calendar so people can put when are they going to vacation: Aishah
  • Lab inventory and protocols: Zoran, Dylan and Denis
  • Try Gibson assembly: Antoine and Denis