IGEM:PKU Beijing/2009/Notebook/AND Gate 1/Core/2009/07/23/Shan Shen

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Digest SupD+1-23L 1, 2, 3 to test whether the clones are correct.

Total 20μL
Plasmids 8μL
Xba1 1μL
Pst1 1μL
Buffer 2μL
ddH2O 8μL

PCR to test at the same time.

Total 10μL
Template Clones
dNTP 2μL
Buffer 1μL
Taq 0.5μL
For-primer 0.5μL
Rev-primer 0.5μL
ddH2O 5.5μL

Start to digest.

Start to PCR.

Electrophoresis to test the PCR products.
The order and the amount of the samples: marker 5μL, colony 1 digestion products, colony 2 digestion products, colony 3 digestion products, positive control, PCR products of colony 1, PCR products of colony 2, PCR products of colony 3.
PKU 20090723 Shan Shen 1.JPG
This result indicates that all the three colonies are correct.