IGEM:PKU Beijing/2009

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<html> <img src="http://openwetware.org/images/3/39/Icon_groups.png" alt="People"> </html>Our Team

  • Undergraduate
    • Min Lin
    • Rencheng Gao
    • Hansi Liu
    • Shan Shen
    • Shuke Wu
    • Hao Wang
    • Guosheng Zhang
    • Haoqian Zhang
    • Chengzhe Tian
    • Tiffany Saw
    • Zhenglin Yang
    • Siheng He
    • Xiaomeng Zhang
  • Graduate
    • Lingli Jiang
  • Advisor
    • Qi Ouyang
    • Yiping Wang
    • Chunbo Lou

<html> <img src="http://openwetware.org/images/b/b9/Icon_board.png" alt="Introduction"> </html>Introduction

  • iGEM stands for International Genetically Engineered Machines.
  • The annual iGEM competition held in MIT attrcts hundreds of teams from all over the world.
  • The aim is to design and build an engineered biological system using biobricks.
  • Check out Team2007 and Team2008 of PKU]
  • More on iGEM home page

<html> <img src="http://openwetware.org/images/b/b9/Icon_board.png" alt="Project"> </html>Project

<html> <img src="http://openwetware.org/images/b/b9/Icon_board.png" alt="Journal Club"> </html>Journal Club

<html> <img src="http://openwetware.org/images/e/e2/Icon_info.png" alt="Schedule"> </html>PKU iGEM Society

Introduction to our society

<html> <img src="http://openwetware.org/images/e/e2/Icon_info.png" alt="Entertainment"> </html>Entertainment

<html> <img src="http://openwetware.org/images/e/e2/Icon_info.png" alt="Links"> </html>Links