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Date: 7/30/13 People in lab: Emily Puleo, Kelsey Crossen

Title: Preparation of P. aeruginosa

Start Time: 3:00 PM

Purpose: To make a stock of P. aeruginosa for future lab work.

Protocol: Inoculated LB broth with P. aeruginosa from plated bacteria, no antibiotic. Inoculated another tube of LB broth with liquid P. aeruginosa culture, 10ml into 10ml.

Left both cultures in 37C incubator overnight.

Spun down 1ml cultures of P. aeruginosa, discarded supernatant, and re-suspended in 1ml Milli-Q water.

Placed cell solutions in 1.5ml Epi tubes and placed in -20C freezer.


Sample Label Description Source Label Quantity
P. aeruginosa 7/30 P. aeruginosa culture P. aeruginosa 2
P. aeruginosa 7/30 P. aeruginosa culture, frozen P. aeruginosa 10

Stop Time: 5:00 PM

Next: Amplify DNA segments from prepared P. aeruginosa samples.