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Meeting 2.0 Agenda


Meeting Location: Bio21 Level 1 Conference Room

Meeting Time: Tuesday 8th January 2008, 5.30pm (optional viewing time at 4.30pm)

Meeting Logistics: snacks and water

Current Meeting Length : ~2 hours

Pre-meeting Tasks

  • organise projector - get this of Prof. Howlett berfore 5pm
  • download video to cache... (Jan to do)

Review a cool public lecture - bioelectric interfaces

Please watch and review for yourselves the following video: The Next Frontier: Bioelectronic Interfaces

... what the implications are in general and for the biological clock idea

  • if you can't make it to the previewing ... have a look at it at home (takes 1 hour ...) and briefly review it ... as in what you like ... what you agree with/ don't agree with...

interesting bits ... good bits, bad bits ...