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BioBricks needed

  • Put info here about parts we are struggling to transform

Brick location BioBrick No. Description
P13 4F C0079 LasR protein (+LVA tag)
P13 8A I14015 Promoter. Repressed by TetR,

activated by LasR

P13 7F I12007 Lambda phage PRM mutant
P22 6E I15010 Cph8 red-light receptor
P22 8C M30109 Red-light system (not sure if it's working but if it doesn't cost much, get it)
P13 5C I0500 Inducible pBad/AraC (bad sequencing result)
P2 5E R0010 lacI regulated promoter
P13 7G BBa_E1010 **highly** engineered mutant of red fluorescent protein from Discosoma striata (coral) (Did we actually try transforming this? - yes we did and failed.)