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Team Meeting 8

Meeting Date: 9th Feb, 1pm

Meeting Location: Bio21 Level 2 Conference Room

Updates from last meeting

  • Research into positive feedback systems (10 mins)
  • Further research into riboswitches (5 mins)
  • Modeling progress (5 mins)

Compartmentalise project

  • Identify the 3 or 4 main areas of this project (2 mins)
  • Organise into groups that will tackle a single project area (5 mins)
  • Plan within groups how to proceed on specific area (10 mins)
  • Report plan back to team (10 mins)

Final points

  • Assign an advisor to each group
  • Organise next team meeting
  • Groups to organise group meeting times

Close meeting -- groups that wish to remain to discuss things are most welcome to