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Team Meeting 2.0

Link to Meeting 2 Minutes

Meeting Date: 21 December, 2008 (6pm)

Meeting Location: Bio21 Level 1 Conference Room, Meeting Outside at specified time.

Meeting Logistics: someone buy lollies, borrow projector again. If you can come earlier (@530pm to help setup that would be much appreciated.

Present: insertnamehere

Absent: insertnamehere

Current Time ~ 2.0 hours

Meeting Primer

  • minutes taker
  • time keeper

Action from last Meeting

  • Access Cards
  • OpenWetWare - wiki
  • internet handover (di)
  • iGEM primer (everyone) - do we want this?


  • primary contact (for iGEM)?
  • put timetables on wiki (zoho)
    • hand over melbigem account (get credit card info, and change plan - di?)
    • responsible for communication w/ david
  • igem administrative person
    • in charge of tickets/hotels/deadlines/payments... have this as one person?
    • need to have team name
    • need to have team logo
    • need to have team t-shirt
    • need to have team mascot ... just kidding
    • organise these early!!! and outsource some of the tasks to skilled friends

items from SBS meeting!

  • where were you all (besides simon, who had a xmas party to go to?) :P
  • standard assembly (shiny) - explain part,prefix,suffix,restriction enzyme(sticky ends),ligate etc)
  • toggle switch(haozhen)
  • repressilator(di)
  • eth zurich(louis) - equations/modeling

are we daunted by the task? / learnings from last year

hindsight is definitively 20/20

  • if we take this seriously, need to implement project management methodologies
  • need to define project phases / gates
    • PHASE 1 - scope/plane - includes learning about synbio and brainstorming
      • GATE 1 - exit scope/plan - shortlist, rank, select ideas, include contingency
    • PHASE 2 - design/blueprint - research and design selected ideas, determine resources required (can we get the DNA?)
      • GATE 2 - design document, design walkthrough (build plan), critical path
    • PHASE 3 - build - lab work/modeling ...
      • GATE 3 - go live (Jamboree 2008), send Dna, finish wiki, poster/presentation, jamboree etc.. (flyers)
    • PHASE 4 - closure - recruitment and selection of next years team, secure funding/supervisor involvement
      • GATE 4 - next year's team is integrated into bio21, working, and on their way to iGEM 2009!
  • do you want this or just short-term planning/action lists ???... (we did that)(does this need a planning responsible)
  • we couldn't plan ahead ... just reacted to problems ...

  • need to implement project management processes/methodologies/standards
    • objectives
    • setup weekly meetings - manage by exception
    • agendas/minutes
    • role definition - lab/modeling responsible hard at this stage, but can do wiki and admin responsible
    • team expectations
      • participation (what do we expect of each other)
      • communication (problems, small - ie. experiment didn't work, big - can't do iGEM anymore...)
      • wiki-updating


  • ideas posted so far ... can we take these further.
  • other ideas

Finalise Action Points

  • insert here

Next Meeting Time

  • insert here