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First Team Meeting Agenda

Link to First Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 12 December, 2008 (5.30pm)

Meeting Location: Bio21 Level 1 Conference Room, Meeting Outside at specified time.

Meeting Logistics: table water, order pizza? otherwise bring snacks

Present: insertnamehere

Absent: insertnamehere

(purely suggestive... change at your will)

Current Time ~ 2.5 hours

Meeting Primer

  • minutes taker
  • time keeper


  • (30min)Team Roundtable: names, degrees, nicknames, favourite sport/music/film/book/pet/color etc. tell us something unusual about yourself ?
  • (15min)Perspectives on iGEM - what are we aiming for? the moon? what are the prizes/medals?
  • need to make contact with team members not here ... let's give them a ring (skype!)


  • (5min)Bio21 Access Cards - need to fill in paper work
  • (10min)OpenWetWare Accounts - everyone to apply, can't edit the wiki without it
  • (5min)Contact Details - fill in on the wiki ... online chat? AIM/gmail etc... it was useful for us, or just subscribe to wiki watchlist?
  • wireless internet connection - need to get financing to dept from Phil, do we want to up the speed back to (1MBit/12GB)???
  • (5min)iGEM packs ... suggested
    • iGEM rules
    • iGEM Kit ... biobricks
    • standard assembly
    • biology/lab primer: cloning, transformation, culture, miniprep, digest, ligation, pcr, sequence, mutagen etc.
    • engineering/modelling primer
    • wiki primer

(the Team to create this ... delegate your first tasks!) - wiki/simple research exercise)

Expectations for the year ahead...

  • Preliminary Timetable
    • Dec-Jan-Feb - heavy brainstorm/research
    • Jan-Feb - Begin Lab work (prelim)
    • end of Feb - project finalised, order parts from registry or other labs, start modelling
    • Feb - start creating timeline/plan of when things should happen (or do this earlier)
    • Mar-Apr - start the hardcore lab, modelling
    • May - iGEM seminar (register team/project)
    • Jun-Jul - more lab and modelling
    • Aug-Sep - more lab and modelling... hopefully finishing most things by now ... making sure wiki is up-to-date
    • Oct - send DNA to MIT, finish wiki
    • Nov - go to Jamboree

Team Dyanmics

  • [Effective Team Dynamics] - have a read ... some good stuff if you wish to use it...
  • (30min)OGSM framework - objectives / goals / strategies / measurements : up to you if you want to use it...
    • objectives - make finals/win the biobrick/
    • goals - solve a specific medical/environmental/energy problem / 1000 submitted biobricks / extensive modelling
    • strategies - proposed actions to achieve goals
      • brainstorm, research, plan, work, pray, go to jamboreee!!!
    • measurements -
      • 1/3 month review ... measure progress
      • how is the wiki being maintained... standard wiki processes for creating new pages etc.
      • is the lab work productive/ is the work load spread out
      • create a time line ... of what you hope to achieve when ... give yourself deadlines [very rough at first], and review when you come to them ...
      • this is likely to be a complex construction timeline... do you want to use Project/Gantt charts ie find critical path etc, who will do this ??? it def would have been useful for us ... since things were just always being pushed back
  • (5min)team procedures - minutes, agenda, wiki, accountability
  • (5min)team rules - meeting attendance, communication, meeting snacks


  • (10min)
  • not defined at start, but define as you go along?
  • suggestions...
    • chief wiki maintainer
    • lab coordinator
    • modeling coordinator
    • research coordinator
  • rotate responsibility for agenda/minutes
  • circular accountability???
  • it's up to you?
  • primary contact (for iGEM)?
  • igem administrative person
    • in charge of tickets/hotels/deadlines/payments... have this as one person?
    • need to have team name
    • need to have team logo
    • need to have team t-shirt
    • need to have team mascot ... just kidding


  • (15min)suggestions
    • individual - go away and research on your own, come back with suggestions in Jan
    • buddy - team up with one other person and work together
    • whole team - coordinated creativity on wiki

Synthetic Biology Society

  • first meeting?
  • what do we want this for?

Finalise Action Points

  • minutes done by insertname and inserttime
  • next meeting agenda coordinated by insertname and inserttime
  • iGEM primer parts to be done by insertname and insert date

Next Meeting Time

  • insert here