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  • Clean out fridge: Threw out contaminated/overgrown plates, added fresh LB to LC's
  • Made glycerol stock of F2620+B0034+CPX+B0014 (for B-r cells cPCR6-1 and cPCR8-5, for BL21 cPCR6-1a, cPCR6-1b)
  • LC'ed yesterday's plating of transformations
  • Design Mer Primer


  • Transform PTO40
  • Transform reporter gene for mercury sensing system (Biobrick) - need to decide on which one first!
    • eventually must ligate it with an RBS? ----> actually, no, because we have RBS from start of merT protein.

Wrapped Up Making iGEM Antibiotic Stocks

  • Apparently iGEM needed to make own antibiotic stocks, so we did (SK)
  • All are stored in -20 iGEM freezer, in two boxes
    • Eppendorf box has A, Cm, K, T in 1 mL aliquots
    • Blue box has large aliquots of A, Cm, K, T in Falcon tubes and remaining 1 mL aliquots
  • Protocol from Francois: http://openwetware.org/wiki/Endy:Preparing_Antibiotic_Stocks
    • However, Cm protocol was made by SK -- not yet on OWW

      • NOTE CHANGE: We later found out that the stock should be made with 100% ethanol instead of 70%, but it shouldn't make a big difference(hopefully)