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  1. Transform R0051 into BL21
  2. Transform last night's ligations (F+B, I.B34.CPX.B14) into BL21
  3. Plate transformants
  4. Send mer operon PCR products (merR and Pmer) to sequence

Meeting Notes

Polystyrene binding working

  • replacing AHL inducible promorter with constutive promoter
  • ran a western, presented results
  • increasing AHL, more protein (issues loading); thinking put in set amounts of known protein
    • discussion about t7 and its 2 bands, uncertainty why 2 bands
    • could be multimers (perhaps not a worry if it's working) could be modification of the protein
  • double check t7 control
  • have to put stop codon translational stops (could be read through)
  • do finer material in bulk

Mercury Binding received ec20 in mail with lppompa determining hg2+, mass spec won't work use icp-aes instead with half day training session order hg standards samples $30/hr to use

  • might run komasi stain if expression of lpp-ompa to find concentration which is iptg inducible

seemed fine with 1ppb to 1ppm

  • look up icp-aes works

Mercury Sensor

  1. 3A of I13500, mer operon, iat3 - failed
  2. mercury binding assay - failed
  3. pcr -first pcr worked, second pcr with same primers failed (shouldn't work acc. to tk)
  4. gel - failed 600 bp in pcr product and - control, then new one no bands
  • annealing temp?
  • try again. negative control should be no template

Review of overall project

Things need to be completed -replace iptg operon by mer operon so hg inducible -mer operon mission critical

  • many of e coli dna remnants are in lab equipment (like primers, etc) might not even need plasmid
  • needs crisp benchwork
  • possible parallel efforts or drag in grads etc