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Agenda for July 3

  • Call Geneart
  • Results of Alex/Diti PCR?
  • For metals: RBS and promoter? (clarify!)
  • Barry's promoter -- obtainment?
  • Discuss results of Monday's 2PM meeting
  • Set up meeting with Drew/Tom/grads?

Wet Work

  • All plates look like sludge
    • Not sure why
    • Could be need to use LB+KAN for recovery step
    • Plating with 1000 µl instead of 100 µl

Make LB+KAN agar plates

  1. Heat LB+KAN agar plates
    • Heat LB + Agar 1.2% for 10 minutes at 50% power
    • Wait until cool to touch and put in 960(???) µL Kanamycin to make 10 µg/ml concentration
    • Pour into labeled plates

Incubate 5 colonies of DB3.1 strain with pSB3k3 plasmid (with Kan+)

  • Started at 6pm (spinning in hot room)
    • +18 hours = done 12pm tomorrow

Incubated plates of DH5a

  • Francois kindly gave us two plates of untransformed DH5a because our own line is probably compromised
  • Incubated plates at 37°C overnight