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  1. Redo transformation of merR/Pmer+I13500
    • Plates in @3:25pm
  2. Make LC of last night's CPX and FhuA transformations into BL21 (eventually will make glycerol stocks)
  3. Run western blot on CPX trans. cells (check for protein expression)
  4. Run assay on FhuA trans. cells (test poly-styrene binding)

Polystyrene Assay


merR/Pmer+I13500 Transformation Results

Plate              # colonies     Notes
- control          0
merR/Pmer+I13500   0              :(
+ cotrol (pUC18)   smear

BL21 Transformation Results

Plate                    # Colonies       Notes
FhuA (pICCBP)            38               Colonies are differently sized
pUC18                    15               2 or 3 are much smaller
F+B+CPX (colony PCR #6)  ~200

Second merR/Pmer+I13500 Transformation

  • Spun down unplated remnants of transformation. Saw a VERY small pellet.
  • Resuspended spun-down cells and plated all of those.

LC of BL21's trans. with F+B+CPX and pICCSP

  • went in around 4PM