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  • Dilute liquid cultures of Colony PCR 3A(F+B+CPX) #5,6,8
    • Check antibiotic resistance screening plates first
    • Some for Miniprep
      • Some of Miniprep for sequencing
    • Some for glycerol stock
    • Some for Polystyrene-binding Assay
  • Check about ordering biobrick primers
  • Streak DH5a for mercury assay
  • Transformation of TK Chemically Competent Cells (BH, SK, JH)
    • 1 µl of BioBrick DNA (I13500)
    • 1 hour incubation in 37 degree room
    • Spread 150 µl on A+ plate --> put in warm room at 2.30 PM ("iGEM 2007 7/20/07 TK Cells Transf. I13500")
    • Will pick colonies to make liquid cultures