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Checked Plates of Transformed 3A XL-1

  • LB+Kan Plate - all had significant growth
  • LB+Kan+Amp:
    • 1: very small colonies
    • 2: no growth
    • 3: some bits of dead cells on a streak, otherwise no growth
    • 4: many colonies
    • 5: no growth
    • 6: 9 colonies
    • 7: no growth
    • 8: no growth
  • The growth of colonies on #4 supports the theory that those cells received both pSB3k3 with F2620 and B0034 (Kan, medium copy) and religated pSB1A3 with just F2620 (Amp, high copy)

Diluted LC#1,2 of XL-1 3A in LB+Kan

  • Since those only grew on LB+Kan and not LB+Kan+Amp plate
  • for miniprep tomorrow
  • 37C at 3:30pm

Transformed Standard Assembly Ligation of E1010 into pSB3k3 from Yesterday

  • made 8 plates total, 2 samples
  • 37C @ 4:30pm

Received from Tom Knight digested pSB(1A3, 1AT3, 1AK3) vectors & Chemically Competent Cells

  • vectors digested with EcoRI and PstI, placed in -20C
  • cells placed in -80C, labeled iGEM2007

Meeting with Drew and TK Notes

  • check to see if Kan resistant already
  • ask for digested vector--tom knight is on it
  • terminators
  • make a color scheme as orgzn tool to display
  • Full product cycle
    • What to do at the end?
    • Hidden costs for disposal

  • Target market
    • rich
    • poor too
    • Find Mass PCR things

  • Different application
    • modification; disrupt bioaccumulation in food chain
  • make a salt or something, mercury crystal ->more valuable, recoverable, disposal
  • Diane Newman 3rd floor.
    • Magnetites, etc., go talk to her
  • Safety conversations
    • EHS website for Mercury
  • MerA leave it in?
    • Could be MerB/C
  • Price of Mercury/Cadmium

  • List of Target Metals
    • Then explain why this one, and not that ones
    • Bad/good/metal-specific opportunities
    • any number of good reasons/Markets/etc
    • Compare different ones
  • Does Mercury contamination exist in medium sized?
  • Other bacterial species
    • Pseudomonus--robust
  • So measurements/experiments
    • Plan of attack
    • Figure out how to quantitate, figure out parameters about stickiness

  • Measurement of ions
  • Figure out which version of mercury, +1? Most have been +2

  • Presentation Divisions
    • Put together part of the talk
    • Do earlier than later
    • Make our own slides