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Undergrad meeting notes

  • will you guys add the first half here?
  • Decided on Focus: bioremediation (Semmie and Bernice will spend another day to research arterial plaque-targeting and -eliminating bacteria)
  • Dividing up research:
    1. Highest Priority: How do we couple metal binding/intra-cellular signaling/surface binding anything?
      • Edinburgh's arsenic pathway - AK
      • Phosphorylation - AWL
    1. Heavy-metal resistance: the different resistances and their mechanisms - TTP and JH
    2. How long it takes to express luciferase - AK
  • E-mail updates on research due Saturday 5PM
  • Need to wow Drew Endy on Thursday with a killer presentation. Prepping on Wednesday. Need to step up our game.
  • Need team name and apparel ideas...Give out stickers at Jamboree with sticky protein as adhesive
  • The next undergrad meeting is Sunday, (6/24) 8PM at SK
  • What is our budget?

Plan for this week:

We want to order our display sequences (still need some mods) and design inserts Monday

Tuesday primers

Wednesday (at the latest start) work on presentation for Thursday's meeting