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Things to Do

1. GC extract 25-mL cultures of the following that have been growing since 11 pm Sunday- DONE:

  • J45700 EZ media -Vitamins + Fructose OD600=2.78
  • J45700 EZ media -Vitamins -TRP -TYR -PHE + Fructose OD600=2.40
  • J45800 EZ media -Vitamins + Fructose OD600=2.30
  • J45800 EZ media -Vitamins -TRP -TYR -PHE + Fructose OD600=1.62

2. Run the four GC samples plus TOP10 cells- DONE


J45700 EZ media: 4.6 ppm, 1.65 ppm/OD600

J45700 EZ media -TRP -TYR -PHE: 4.9 ppm, 2.04 ppm/OD600

J45800 EZ media: 0.1 ppm, 0.435 ppm/OD600

J45800 EZ media -TRP -TYR -PHE: 2.7 ppm, 1.67 ppm/OD600

3. Run the protein GFP gel samples on protein gel- DONE

4. Talk with Barry/Jason about banana biosynthesis- DONE (suggested meeting with everyone there including Drew to establish whether phase-sensitive control should be focus or smell without precursor should be focus- I agree, will discuss with Drew)

5. Smell J45250 + J45181 mix cultures and see if they smell- DONE (for both high copy: mint in exponential, banana in stationary; for high copy mint and mid copy banana: mint in exponential, slight mint and slight banana in stationary)

6. Make fresh 25-mL J45250 + J45181 cultures (diluted 1:100) with control of TOP 10 cells all with precursors added and grow them up at 220 RPM- DONE (for some reason not growing fast (even for these cells), will let them grow over night)

7. Make glycerols of J45250 + J45181 cultures from last night- DONE

8. Grow up 8 mL TOP 10 to 17 mL EZ media with glycerol to GC extract as a control for today's GC experiment- DONE (grew up for ~80 mins., OD600=1.82)

9. Ask Reshma if she wants to be around for the protein gel- DONE

10. Make GC reservations- DONE

11. Talk with Drew about setting up a meeting- DONE (2:15 tomorrow)

12. Send out an email about meeting tomorrow- DONE

13. Make an LC of IlvE- strain- DONE

14. Check for restriction sites in tyrB gene cassette- DONE (2 PstI sites found)




15. Make 25-mL J45700 and J45800 cultures in LB to compare on the GC tomorrow with today's results- DONE