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Things to Do Today

1. Add PCNB to GC samples- DONE

2. Run ALL 18 GC samples

3. Dilute J45995, J45996, B0015, and I7100 cultures 1:250 and grow them up as 25-mL cultures in 250-mL baffled flasks- DONE

4. Grow up cultures for 4 hours and 20 mins at 220 RPM at 37C- DONE

5. Dilute cultures into plate reader wells


J459951-----1.50-------8.11 uL per 191.89 media

J459952-----1.50-------8.11 uL per 191.89 media

J459953-----1.52-------8 uL per 192 uL media

J459961-----1.46-------8.33 uL per 191.67 media

J459962-----1.52-------8 uL per 192 uL media

J459963-----1.46-------8.33 uL per 191.67 media

I71001------0.54-------22.52 uL per 177.48 media

I71002------0.64-------19 uL per 181 media

I71003------0.68-------17.88 uL per 182.12 media

B00151------1.08-------11.26 uL per 188.74 media

B00152------1.12-------10.86 uL per 189.14 media

B00153------1.06-------11.47 uL per 188.53 media