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Good News and Bad News

Bad News:

1. Lily set up the column on a GC that's not readily available. Thus, we cannot do the calibration curve on it because we won't be able to do the time course on it. So, we need to wait until Wednesday or Thursday to do the calibration curve on the GC that's more readily available.

2. The fluorescent experiment has R0040.E0840 GFP buildup being extrememly great (~5 times as high as J45995 and J45996)

3. I was not able to detect isoamyl acetate in J45600 and J45900 (the composite banana devices).

Good News:

1. Internal and external standards do not coelute with isoamyl acetate

2. The curves from the fluorescent experiment look really good with the exception of R0040.E0840 shooting up really fast. The level of fluorescence in exponential phase from R0040.E0840 and J45996 are nearly identical as we would expect.

3. I was required to dilute my J45600 and J45900 samples to run them on the GC because I needed to bring the volume up to 1 mL. I can run them again without diluting them next time.

Other Things

1. Took out the J45250 LC

2. Started the J45120 and J45181 time course cultures at 1:58 AM and 2:18 AM (8/20/07), respectively