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General Updates

1. Came in to smell J45600 and J45900 yesterday, but they did not smell.

2. Am waiting for a reply from Endy on priorities.

3. Am waiting to hear back from the Japanese about the plasmid request.

4. Heard back from Prather about leucine. She thinks that there is an overproducer of leucine but may have it confused with isoleucine.

5. aroF- aroG- aroH- strain is on the way.

6. Alex from geobiology said that we should extract with heptane.

Things to Do Today

1. Add .66 uL isoamyl acetate to 1.5 mL heptane for GC/MS- DONE

2. Extract LB media with heptane via procedure used for methyl salicylate for GC/MS- DONE

3. Bring GC/MS samples to Alex and observe and take notes on operating his GC/MS- CONTACTED HIM ABOUT A GOOD MEETING TIME

4. Look for alternative overproducing leucine plasmids- Looked, hard time finding

5. Look for overproducing chorismate plasmids- Looked, hard time finding

6. Ask Yale about overproducing leucine strains- DONE

7. Research overproducing leucine strains- CONTACTED DR. MORRISON AND DR. CALVO

"In the presence of exogenous amino acids, the advantage of energy-coupled transport as well as endogenous synthesis is lessened or abolished, and the response of the cell is repression of both processes"- Neidhardt, also seen here http://jb.asm.org/cgi/reprint/173/5/1634?view=long&pmid=1999384

8. Make up a batch of smelly mint and banana cultures for Austin's demo tomorrow

9. Make a graph of J45181 and J45120 time courses- DONE

10. Compare J45320 sequencing with J45800 sequencing- DONE (ALL GOOD)