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Last Night

1. I made 5-mL cultures of J45800 induced, J45800 not induced, J45181, B0015, J45250, J45600 induced, and J45600 not induced. These are to be run on a protein gel today.

2. I made 25-mL cultures of J45900 induced, J45900 not induced, J45600 induced, J45600 not induced, and J45181 (control) to run with standard GC samples tomorrow (there has been a delay on the GC and Alex has still been unable to run the standards but says I can run more samples in parallel)


Today- (1) run protein gel of J45800 induced, J45800 not induced, J45181, and B0015 (note: only one gel left so cannot run banana cultures)- DONE (did not see blue band though while running or bands after 5 mins)

(2) make graphs of the J45120, J45181 time courses (OD600 vs. time plus OD600 vs. Methyl Salicylate (ppm)/OD600)- DONE

(3) talk with Barry and Jason about using the same protocol for J45120, J45181 time courses- DONE

(4) GC extract banana cultures (900+IPTG did not grow up though) and give them to Alex in geobiology- DONE

(5) add 1% glucose to Tom's media and try growing up same mint cultures again- DONE

(6) regrow J45900 induced- DONE

Tomorrow- Run J45120/J45181 time course

Thursday- GC J45120/J45181 time course

Friday- Run J45120/J45181 time course

New Plan After Talking with Barry and Jason

Befor running J45120/J45181 time course again...

1. Run J45120/J45181 time course in which I merely smell the cultures to see if nose agrees with GC results

2. Add known amounts of methyl salicylate to cultures and see if they smell


J45800 induced: 1.28

J45800 not induced: 1.25

J45181: 1.28

B0015: 0.89