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What's Going On

1. Grow up 5 of the cultures from last night's experiment up more (4 of which have the precursor added). They seem to have grown more slowly- MINT ONES SHOWED EXPECTED BEHAVIOR, J45600 did not, J45900+ did not grow up

2. Construct a growth curve for J45120 in the same way I did for J45181 yesterday- WORKING ON IT

3. Alex said that the isoamyl acetate was not detected again. Sent him the protocol I found. He said he needs a more polar column which they have available in their lab. He said he'll run it again Thursday.

4. Heard back from Esaki. The plasmid's enzyme does need ammonium sulfate added to the media to produce high yields of leucine. I still believe that this is a good option for a quick assay to see if extra leucine in the cell can produce a smelly culture.

5. Confirm order for IlvE- with Wertz- DONE (will be shipped Thursday due to processing time)

6. Bleach cultures from last night's experiment- DONE

7. Redo experiment from last night for banana cultures- DONE

8. Research all of the E. coli pathways involved in our system- SENT AN EMAIL TO DREW ON WHAT I FOUND

9. Graph growth curve of J45120- DONE

J45120 Time Course

Hour------------Culture 1------------Culture 2----------Culture 3--------Average

3-----------------0.02-------------------0.02---------------0.02---------------0.020 (lag)

4-----------------0.10-------------------0.10---------------0.10---------------0.100 (lag)

5-----------------0.32-------------------0.30---------------0.32---------------0.313 (lag)

6-----------------0.80-------------------0.76---------------0.78---------------0.760 (lag/exp)

7-----------------1.54-------------------1.50---------------1.48---------------1.507 (exp)

8-----------------2.40-------------------2.32---------------2.36---------------2.360 (exp)

9-----------------2.80-------------------2.68---------------2.72---------------2.733 (exp/sta)

10----------------2.80-------------------2.72---------------2.84---------------2.787 (sta)

11----------------2.90-------------------2.88---------------2.88---------------2.887 (sta)

12----------------2.90-------------------2.84---------------2.86---------------2.867 (sta)

13----------------2.90-------------------2.98---------------3.10---------------2.993 (sta)