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Results from extraction experiment yesterday

One extraction was 300% efficient somehow, which could have been a result of it being 100 ppm concentration (a relatively high concentration. For fear that I would break the machine at 200 ppm, I did not run that sample. The rest of the samples were pretty consistently at around 30%. This is very frustrating. I will repeat the experiment again some time.

Things to Do Today

1. Graph results from plate reader- DONE (R0040.E0840 trumps the experimental groups, will repeat with slightly different protocol

2. Reinvite Dr. Knight to look at the google doc- DONE

3. Contact Sauer lab about C18 column chromatography- DONE

4. Contact Prather about what I found regarding chorismate (and cc Jason)- DONE

5. Contact Frost from Michigan State about chorismate- DONE