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Things to Do Today

1. Take out 250 + isoamyl alcohol culture and 120 + salicylic acid culture from last night. Make sure they smell- DONE (SMELLS GREAT)

2. Check mutations on the newly constructed J45600 and J45800 to make sure they are not deleterious- DONE (no new mutations, although there may be one deletion in J45800. This looks like bad sequencing though)

3. Submit sequencing for good-looking J45800s and J45600s with VF2, VR, and internal primers- DONE

4. Make a graph of J45181 time course results for lab meeting- DONE

5. Research TLC for isoamyl acetate- Working on it

6. Research extraction efficiency of methyl salicylate- Working on it

8. Put heptane stuff in hazardous waste container- DONE

7. Make a chart of extraction efficiencies for lab meeting

8. Make an agenda of what I want to discuss for lab meeting