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Things to do Today

1. Nanodrop minipreps from yesterday- DONE (very high DNA concentration yields comforts me)

2. Set up sequencing reactions (VF and VR2) of each miniprep- DONE

3. Submit sequencing to Cancer Center before 10 AM- DONE

4. Bleach old tubes- DONE

5. Organize 4 degree fridge- DONE

6. Label digests from last week and transfer to bigger tubes- DONE

7. Organize papers including GC/MS reports- DONE

8. Autoclave the biohazard bag of plates and dispose of it- DONE

9. Ask Dr. Knight about TLC for isoamyl acetate- DONE

10. Grow up six cultures to be spiked with methyl salicylate and analyzed via the GC/MS tomorrow- DONE

11. Write a rough draft of the introduction- DONE

12. Ask if there is any difference between heptane (the bottle received today) and n-heptane- DONE (no difference- telephone conversation with technical representative from Sigma)