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1. Extracted 6 samples- B0015, B0015 w/ 1 ppm MS, B0015 w/ 5 ppm, B0015 w/ 10 ppm, J45700A1, J45700A2

Protocol Used:

1. Rinse separatory funnel 5 times with 10 mL n-heptane in between samples.

2. Pour 50 mL sample into the separatory funnel.

3. Add 1 mL n-heptane.

4. Invert separatory funnel 24 times, releasing the top every eight inversions.

5. Wait 3 minutes for the solution in the funnel to phase separate.

6. Release the bottom part of the solution, leaving only the nonpolar, clear liquid in the funnel.

7. Remove 100 uL of the liquid. That is your sample.

8. Repeat for each sample.

2. Ran each sample on the GC. Unfortunately, I could not get the computer to load my data profile to return concentrations. I will ask Li Li about this on Monday, but it's probably just a matter of pushing a few buttons. All of my data is saved.