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Results from Yesterday

Obtained the following streaked plates from the Registry:






J45999 (IK cells)


  • J45400 did not grow up. Apparently, the 1AT3 version was incorrect. I have requested to use the 3K3 version that was used in previous construction steps.

I will make a liquid culture of each of these today. I will also streak them out on multiple antibiotics to see if any of them have multiple resistances.


Apparently, we never actually had a glycerol of this part. Austin plated back in October/November, so I thought it may be in our 4 degree fridge. However, I was unable to locate it in there. I plan to make a transformation into top ten cells of this part today. Reshma found a two-month-old plate with top 10 cells containing the part streaked on it. I streaked a single colony and multiple colonies onto two plates. I also made LCs from both one colony and many colonies in an attempt to revive the cells.

Transformation of J45180 into Top10

  • 1 vial of Top10 competent cells from Knight Lab is on the bench (dry ice) [there's another in the -80]

Jason's Parts

Yesterday, I streaked each of Jason's hopeful banana parts (IAGD + BSGD) on LB AMP/TET, LB AMP/KAN, and LB AMP/CHL. However, none of these grew. I will redo this experiment today with positive controls and plain LB AMP plates.

Plan for the Month

I will work on developing a plan for the month to discuss at the meeting tomorrow.