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1. Run methyl salicylate samples on GC- DONE (J45700 SAMPLES HAVE METHYL SALICYLATE IN THEM)

2. Obtain Top 10 competent cells and E/P cut backbones from Knight lab- DONE

3. Dilute E/P cut backbones- DONE

4. Miniprep J45170- DONE

5. Digest J45170 for 4 hours- DONE

6. Make dilutions of isosmyl acetate in culture for extraction- DONE

7. Extract isoamyl acetate from samples via ether- SEMIDONE (3 of 8 samples finished, will do the rest tomorrow)

8. Check sequencing results of osmYS.inverter.E0840 and J45800 hopefuls- DONE (osmYS.inverter.E0840 is right; the tube must have been mixed up when making the glycerol; J45800 hopefuls all failed)

9. Clean/organize lab area- DONE

10. Streak plates of colonies with needed parts for submission to the Registry tomorrow- DONE

11. Update some of the entries of the new submissions to the Registry- DONE

12. Label all digests which were shown to be effective on the gel last night and move them into eppendorf tubes- DONE

13. Make LCs for repeat of plate experiment tomorrow- DONE

14. Make correct glycerol of osmYS.inverter.E0840 (J45998) and toss the wrong one from the fridge- DONE

15. Contact Lily about coming in to run J45900s and isoamyl acetate dilutions on GC- DONE

16. Run a gel of 4-hour digested J45170- DONE (STILL NOT CUT)