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1. Smell 170.320 LCs- DONE (I thought they smelled, Samantha thought they smelled at least different, Francois said he thought he smelled something at first but then could just smell bacteria)

2. Run freshly cut 170s on gel- DONE (did not look cut, explaining why no colonies were found)

3. Organize/analyze plate reader data- DONE (unfortunately, I think that somehow R0040.E0840 got mixed up with J45998 since they show exactly the same behavior; I am going to make new LCs tonight to once again redo the experiment; all of the other structures showed great behavior and the growth curves were fine)

4. Recheck sequencing of J45998- DONE (looked all good)

5. ReLC from original J45998 tube plus other colonies on the plate to miniprep and sequence tomorrow- DONE

6. Remake methyl salicylate samples just in case we are ready for the GC tomorrow- DONE