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NO COLONIES FROM J45800 ligations- NO!!!


1. Submit samples of J45600 hopefuls- DONE

2. Order ether and pentane for extraction of isoamyl acetate- DONE

3. Analyze/organize plate reader data- DONE (results were okay, will consult with Barry but my inclination is that we may need to repeat the experiment to allow for greater growth among the cultures)

4. Redigest- DONE, ligate- DONE, and transform J45320/J45170 mixes- DONE

5. Smell J45600 hopefuls- DONE

6. Talk to Lily about the GC results- DONE

7. Contact Li Li about using the original GC for the methyl salicylate samples- DONE

8. Run the J45320 an J45170 cut products on a gel- DONE (170 doesn't look cut, maybe we'll get lucky, if not, will redigest tomorrow)

9. Regrow osmY and control structures for the plate reader tomorrow- DONE