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Results from Sequencing

Some J45700s and pBANANAs seemed to work although some internal primers' sequencing results were not very clear. The premade J45800s did not have the correct sequencing results. The phase-sensitive pBANANAs' sequencing was bad.

Results from Colony PCR

Almost all of the premade J45800s had multiple bands. If they did not, they had the wrong sized bands except in one case. Two of the ligations looked somewhat promising. I will go ahead and miniprep all of them for sequencing Monday AM. Many of them SEEMED to smell faintly like mint to me.


1. Update google doc- DONE

2. Run gels on colony PCRs of hopeful J45800s (from miniprep transformation and ligation)- DONE

3. Grow up 100 mL and 10 mL cultures and glycerol the parts which had positive sequencing results- DONE

4. Miniprep one promising J45800 premade colony, three J45170.J45320 ligations, three osmYS.inverter.E0840 ligations, one osmYL.E0840 transformation for sequencing Monday AM- DONE