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Indole knockout information gleaned from notebook

Today's meeting

Action items and things to decide on

  1. Course of action with indole strain
  2. Transcriptional activity of regulators: R0040, osmY promoter, osmY.inverter
    1. Verify constructs via streaking, antibiotic tests, pick a colony, grow culture, miniprep and sequence
    2. Repeat plate reader experiments
  3. GC-MS testing of constructs
    1. Specify all controls
  4. Standard curves for smell tests and GC-MS experiments


Miniprepped and sequenced new J45700, J45800, new J45600, and new pBANANAs.- DONE


We think that the other constructs may have smelled faint as well.

Streaked the R0040.E0840, osmY.E0840 (Short), osmY.E0840 (Long), and osmY.inverter.E0840 constructs on plates (antibiotic test)- DONE (ALTHOUGH I COULD NOT FIND osmY.E0840 (Long), will search again tomorrow

ALSO I FINALLY FOUND PREFERRED INDOLE-KNOCKOUT STRAIN- I did an antibiotic resistance test on these cells as well and grew a LC directly from the glycerol- DONE